Merlin Protector personifies Zycus contract management software’s AI capabilities that identify and resolve the complexities of a rapidly shifting regulatory landscape and increasing compliance and contractual risks. As a gatekeeper and real-time governor Merlin Protector finds hidden risks and opportunities in your Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) data and provides you with real-time insights.

“Zycus’s Merlin AI does a great job of understanding the intent as well as the content of a clause. By associating the clause to one of our own, we can group and analyze contracts efficiently.”

– VP Risk & Compliance, F250 Financial Services Company

Some of the ways in which Merlin Protector supports your contract management system are:

  • Managing Internal and External Regulations — sensitivity analysis
  • Analyzing and managing risks in contracts by identifying sub-optimal terms, highlighting missing clauses and deviations between standard & outside contracts
  • Identifying compliance risks and suggesting changes in the existing contracts
  • Mapping trends in key metadata elements like effective dates, average contract terms, payment terms, liabilities caps, etc.
  • Monitoring key contract performance data, milestones, and obligations

Using Zycus’s AI Merlin Protector, legal teams can simplify and standardize their contracting process. This resource elaborates use cases on various instances where Merlin Protector’s supervised intelligent workflow for contract assembly and authoring based on past data and learning can answer all the due diligence queries related to mergers and acquisitions between two enterprises.

Insights from contract data can be amplified with information from downstream and upstream software systems including CRMs, ERPs, and Finance & Procurement systems. Zycus Merlin Protector is the nodal point that can facilitate data consolidation from these sources and brings about AI-powered insights on obligations and contract risks.

Download our Use Case to know how Zycus’s Merlin Protector accelerates the contract lifecycle management process including contract review, analytics, and mitigating risk along the journey with intelligent data-driven innovations.

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