Every contracting process involves several strategic goals. A CLM system promises an efficient approach to facilitate goal attainment. However, achieving these goals proves extremely difficult because of low user adoption, poor tool selection, or not using a CLM at all. This leads to a disconnect between strategy and operations and has far-reaching consequences.

Thanks to all the attendees for your active participation during our latest interactive webinar, ‘Artificial Intelligence – Aligning Operations with Strategy”. For those of you who missed it, here’s a quick rundown.

This webinar, hosted by Arthur Raguette ( EVP, Zycus ) discussed about the operational challenges of organizations like Standardized and Error-free Contract Language, Audit Preparedness, Performance Management what often stand in the way of achieving strategic goals of a contracting process.  The session addressed how Modern-day CLMs like Zycus iContract, armed with the latest developments in AI, breathe new life into contract lifecycle management and effectively bridge the gap between strategy and operations enabling enterprises to effortlessly achieve their targets.

The interactive webinar focused mainly on:

  • The disconnect between strategy and implementation in the contracting community
  • The strategic goals and operational objectives of contracting
  • How CLMs fulfill these goals and objectives
  • The AI-driven futuristic CLM capabilities which go beyond fulfilling the basic strategic requirements

If you were not able to make it to the event, here is the link to access the presentation.

You can also download our whitepaper that presents the key strategic goals of a contracting process, the operational objectives associated with these goals, and the capabilities of a modern CLM system that support the attainment of these goals and objectives.

Connect with us at info@zycusicontract.com to evaluate a CLM’s Returns on Investment for your organization.