Whether implementing a contract management solution will generate profitable returns for organizations is the one question on everyone’s mind!

To answer this, one can utilize industrial research data and estimate Contract Lifecycle Management’s return on investment (ROI) for their organization based on:

  • Reduction in legal employee costs
  • Prevention of financial losses
  • Reduction in sales operation costs
  • Management of renewable contracts
  • Penalty avoidance and/or recapture
  • Identification of consolidation opportunities

Try out Zycus’s Comprehesive Enterprise ROI Calculator for Contract Lifecycle Management Solutions

Our latest whitepaper provides a stepwise breakdown on how to determine quantifiable returns on Contract Management Automation for your organization using these 6 statistical methods.

Download the whitepaper to learn about:

  • How Contract Lifecycle Management simplifies and brings efficiency to contract management processes
  • How to calculate Return On Investment for CLM for your organization
  • Sample ROI calculation with examples and case studies

We also recently conducted a webinar regarding CLM’s ROI calculation methods. Here’s the link to access the webinar recording and presentation.


To get a customized estimate on the ROI of a Contract Management Solution for your organization, please feel free to contact us at info@zycusicontract.com.

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