Recent innovations in Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) software have paved the way for new and exciting opportunities for businesses to become more effective, efficient, and profitable in their work. Among other advances, Artificial Intelligence (AI), has opened the door to new methods to author, store, analyze, and manage contracts.

But technological advances are only part of the story about how CLM software is changing our relationship to legal work. Historically, the decision to adopt CLM technology has required a leap of faith: Will engaging this tool provide a good ROI?

Our recent article in ACC Docket, Realizing ROI from Contract Management Technology, helps you answer this question and explains how to leverage Zycus’s free, data-driven ROI calculator. With this novel tool, interested parties can build a business case for using CLM software, and potentially an opportunity to redefine their role to one as a revenue generator, as opposed to a cost center. Zycus has gathered the top research, cross-referenced it with their own experience in the industry, and created this calculator based on empirical, proven assumptions.

READ THE ARTICLE NOW to easily identify the reduction of expenses and addition of benefits deploying a CLM brings, drawing from reports at organizations like Goldman Sachs and the International Association for Contract and Commercial Management (IACCM). This information is coupled with the expertise and experience from Zycus’s analysts to project the net benefit of using CLM software.

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