Zycus Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) Software Identified As A ‘Rising Star’ And ‘Great User Experience’ By Finances Online Directory

We are happy to have been reviewed by the FinancesOnline team in a comprehensive manner from the perspectives of feature strength, customer service and user value. Being recognized for user experience has come as a delight to us since Zycus iContract focuses heavily on ease-of-use and high adoption rates. What good is a software which people cannot use? More so, with B2B software products, it is often easy to miss the actual persons using the system in the organization, but Zycus is deeply committed to making sure that our product makes life simpler for them. Zycus’s simplicity is one of the main reasons why FinancesOnline considers it as one of the best contract lifecycle management alternatives in the market.Apart from the overall rating score of “8.0” and the award of “Great User Experience” and “Rising Star” given in their contract lifecycle management category, the review also talks about Zycus iContract benefits, product features, technical and support details. Zycus iContract is a complete contract management technology solution designed to simplify and streamline all six phases of a contract’s lifecycle: request, draft, negotiate, signoff, review, performance and compliance and expiry and renewal management. Key highlights of Zycus iContract as covered in the review include:

  • Faster and Easier Contract Storage and Access
  • Very Friendly and Intuitive to Use
  • Centralized Control
  • Built for Collaboration

The review also mentions the top three problem scenarios that the various Zycus iContract features are well-equipped to solve:

  • Digitization and centralization of all your contractual documents and data for simple lifecycle wide management
  • Contract utilization and obligation tracking
  • Quicker contract authoring and approvals

If you are a controller, a legal operations head or a sales operations leader, contact us to watch a demo of our Contract Lifecycle Management solution.Please visit FinancesOnline.com to read more or to even post your ownreview of Zycus iContract, and thanks for your support through another amazing year.