Enterprises today strive in a global marketplace that is constantly haunted by uncertainty, complex supply chains operation, and ever-changing legal and regulatory compliances. This makes the legal landscape extremely sensitive to cope up with on an on-going basis.

“The corporate legal landscape is fraught with an increasingly complex regulatory environment, a never-ending balancing act between risk and compliance, and heightened internal pressure to demonstrate value while lowering costs.”  Association of Corporate Counsel 2017 Survey of Chief Legal Officers.

The role of a Corporate Counsel or a General Counsel is evolving, thereby redefining contract management systems to realize compliance and efficiency.

Zycus a leader in a leading provider of Enterprise Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) Solution, is sponsoring the Association of Corporate Counsel’s (ACC) Annual Meeting in Austin, Texas, Oct 21-24.

Zycus’s Contract Lifecycle Management is an end-to-end contract management solution that reduces creation cycle time, centralizes contract storage, and tracks compliance across multiple dimensions. Zycus iContract’s integral External Party Portals and Request Portals, when combined with CRM and ERP integration delivers streamlined contract management with Artificial Intelligence-driven contract parsing and predictive risk analysis.

Zycus at booth #236 is excited to discuss and demonstrate Applied Artificial Intelligence for Contract Lifecycle Management ‎that enables in-house corporate legal teams to solve complex legal and regulatory challenges, manage constant geopolitical change, reduce risk, and drive business.

Zycus’s AI-powered CLM bring static contracts to life with:

  • Intelligent clause identification
  • Contract performance tracking
  • Risk identification
  • Predictive Risk Analysis
  • Metadata extraction

Artificial Intelligence enabled contract parsing, metadata extraction, and even predictive risk modeling is ready and is here to stay!

Learn from and network with in-house lawyers on complex legal and regulatory challenges, constant geopolitical change, cyber risk, and the need to help drive business strategy. Attend the world’s largest gathering of in-house counsel to stay ahead, connected, and indispensable.

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