Contract Lifecycle Management Software for Professional Services Industry


Why contract management is critical for successful Professional Services operations

Professional serives companies work on a large volume of customer-centric and third-party contracts. This makes reviewing them for compliance and necessary clauses a lengthy and tiring process. With constantly evolving regulations and growing customer expectations, organizations in this sector need to be equipped to process contracts quickly and seamlessly while remaining compliant.

Companies need to adopt AI powered, integrated contract management solutions, for elevated and risk-proof contract management experience catering to both customers and third-party vendors and suppliers and to remain competitive in this fast-paced, dynamic environment.

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CLM challenges faced by Professional Services enterprises

Dealing in and reviewing volumes of third-party contracts using rudimentary contract management solutions is one of the biggest challenges the professional services sector faces today. Without integrated solutions, there is a disconnect between CRM platforms and the contract management platform, which hinders intake of customer contracts and slows contract cycle time. Ensuring third party contracts are compliant to internal and external regulations is another challenge that exposes this sector to legal and reputational risks.

An advanced, integrated CLM solution with AI and Natural Language Processing can ensure risk-free third party contracting, faster contract turn-around, and better customer relationships.

Find out how iContract can help Professional Services enterprises

iContract – Enterprise Contract Management Software for Professional Services enables organizations to streamline all contracting processes, reduce third-party contracting risks, and design a better compliance and customer management framework:

  • Get real-time visibility into third party and vendor contracts
  • Auto-extract and compare key data, clauses, and obligations with AI powered Natural Language Processing
  • Collaborate and communicate seamlessly within departments and drive contracts faster with integrations between CRM, ERP and CLM systems
  • Track key contract data like upcoming renewals, payments, contract obligations, milestones, etc. using comprehensive, customizable dashboards
  • Increase accountability, and ensure quicker contract turn-around through automated predefined workflows and processes.
  • Leverage smart reporting and analytics tool to analyze risks, increase savings, and make informed decisions

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